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1. All the visitors of Comic Con Seoul 2020 are required to submit ‘Registration’ in advance.  
2. The wristband is only valid for 1 day. If you have purchased 4 days pass, please check your purchase information everyday at the ticket booth to receive wristband.
3. Please be advised that tickets wil not be delivered. You can enter to Comic Con Seoul 2020 with wristband after checking ticket purchase information and registration.
4. Changes/Cancellations/Refunds of tickets is only available at the ticketing site you purchased.
5. Child under age 6 is free to enter (born after Aug 9th, 2014) , but must bring identification document (Public health insurance, ID card, etc).
6. If you have purchased Youth pass, you must bring your own photo ID card by which the staff can check the date of birth. Youth pass is for who’s in age under 19. (born after Aug 9th, 2001)
7. Buying tickets via non-official ticketing site or from a 3rd person is an irresponsible action, organizers will not bear any legal responsibility for any inconvenience or expense caused by purchasing via non-official site or individuals.
8. Option ticket sales will be opened later with updated guest information.
9. The quantity of Early-bird Package & 4 days pass. is limited and may be sold out in advance.
10. Early-bird ticket purchasers can receive MEGABOX movie ticket at Comic Con Seoul ticket booth.
- Movie ticket valids for 3 month.
- Ticket available : MEGABOX COEX branch standard & comfort cinema (other option cinemas would be not available)
- Refund is not allowed.