Korea Championships of Cosplay 2020

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Anyone age over 8 can participate.

The winner of the Korea Championships of Cosplay, hosted by Reedpop and Comic Con Seoul, will be selected as the representative of Korea to participate in C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay in Chicago, US. Check out a variety of benefits for the final winners in below, which includes travel to Chicago and more.

Are you applying for KCC? Please check the rules & regulations before the application submission.

Competition Schedule

Classification Period
1. Online Application (After submission, data submission by e-mail is required)
Apr 8th (Wed) ~ Jun 26th (Fri) 2 pm
2. Qualifiers of Preliminaries Announcement
Jul 3rd (Fri)
3. Cheating Report (Online public reception)
Jul 3rd (Fri) ~ Jul 13th (Mon)
4. Finalists Announcement
Jul 17th (Fri)
5. Final Round Rehearsal
Aug 8th (Sat) Evening
6. Final Round
Aug 9th (Sun)

* The schedule above is subjective to be changed.
* All finalists must join the rehearsal before the final round.

How to Participate

How to  
1. Press 'Submit the Application' button to go to the application page
2. Check the rules & regulations, fill out the blanks and submit.
3. Send “additional data” to official KCC email
(1) Costume's production process statement.
(2) Photos of final version of your costume (5pc or more / unit file under 1MB / format in png or jpg)
* E-mail : Cosplay@ReedExhibitions.co.kr

Standard Match

Become any characters from Comics, Animation, Webtoon, Movie, Game, Drama and challenge for Champion!

Category (pick 1)  
1. Needlework : Costumes made of sewing, embroidery, etc.
2. FX : Costumes with features animatronics, optical effects, mechanical effects, special effect makeup, prosthetics, etc.
3. Armor : Costumes constructed by molding and shaping its outer layers using acrylic, EVA foam, worbla, wonderflex, cardboard, etc.

Event Match

Challenge your low cost idea! Low cost category is new event match, which will be treat different judge and process with Standard Match [Needlework, FX, Armor]. Already applied for Standard Match? Don't worry! You can also apply for this Event Match. Burn your idea!

1. Low Cost : Challenge with your brilliant idea of low cost costume

- Cash Prize KRW 2,000,000

- Automatic entry into C2E2 2021 Crown Championships of Cosplay as representative of Korea

- C2E2 2021 VIP tickets (2 pcs)

- Round trip flight tickets (economy) X 2

- Local hotel twin room (2 nights 3 days) for C2E2 2021

- Staying expense support for C2E2 2021

- Automatic qualification to Korea Championships of Cosplay 2021 judge

- Comic Con Seoul 2021 4-day tickets (2 pcs)

- Certificate and medal 

- Cash Prize KRW 1,000,000

- Comic Con Seoul 2021 4-day ticket (2 pcs)

- Certification and medal 

- Cash Prize KRW 500,000

- Comic Con Seoul 2021 4-day tickets (2 pcs)

- Certificate and medal 

- Comic Con Seoul 2021 4-day tickets (2 pcs)

- Certificate and medal 

- Special prize (TBD)

- Certificate and medal 


1. There will be 1 winner per category [Needlework, FX, Armor]. (1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners will be excluded from category awards)  
2. If a separate award or prize is created through cooperation with Comic Con Seoul 2020 sponsors or associates, the specific information will be updated later through Comic Con Seoul official channels.
3. In case of participants of KCC 2020 in controversy over whether their costumes are produced by themselves or not, the penalty will be applied and he/she will be excluded from the final winner's decision. We ask your kind cooperation to create a more polite cosplay culture.
4. If you would like to re-submit the application, please send us an inquiry via e-mail. (Only before submission deadline)
5. Judges will be updated soon

Gul'dan Cosplay


Aldrich, Devourer of Gods


Kindred Cosplay

Lee Seung Gi

Zagara Cosplay


Fiddlesticks Cosplay


Sylvanas Windrunner Cosplay

Kim Liho

Iron Man Cosplay

Dong-Hyun Kim

Diablo Cosplay


Kiba Dark Knight Cosplay

Rizky Octavianis