Are you a Cosplay lover who is over 6 years old? Here's the biggest cosplay show in Korea!


Let’s challenge Korea Championships of Cosplay if you are over 8 years old!

You will get the chance to go to Chicago if you win over Korea Championships of Cosplay! We will support your flight, accommodation with various benefits, please check more details! Please thoroughly read the regulations before you submit the application.


Thanks to all the support from cosplayers, Korean Creative Content Agency is sponsoring a new award named ‘K Webtoon Award’! To those who have already sent in their applications and want to reapply, please send us an email! Thanks to everyone for their continued support and attention for the championship! We promise to continuously improve Korea Championships of Cosplay!


Final winner will be decided after 3 steps of judging as (i) pre-judging with the submitted application in advance, (ii) a backstage judging and (iii) an onstage judging & display on the day of competition.

Info Period
1. Registration Period
8 APR ~ 1 July 2PM
2. Final entry / 1st announcement
12 July
3. Unfair cosplays announcement
12 July ~ 14 July
4. Final announcement of shortlisted participants
15 July
5. KCC Final (Back Stage Judging & On Stage Judging)
4 Aug

How To

Way Explanation
1. Check Regulations
2. Click ‘Apply’ and please log in your Google account
3. Type your email
Please type correct email address
4. Fill up & Complete your Registration
5. Additionally submit your pictures to the Email Address
E-mail : Cosplay@reedexhibitions.co.kr

Costume category (You can choose 1 out of 4)

Your character appears in (Series/ Movie/ Book/ Game)

Category Explanation
1. Needlework type
Costume that are made by sewing, needle, embroidery
2. FX type
The costume with features of animatronics, optical effects, mechanical effects, special effect makeup, prosthetics.
3. Armor type
Costumes that are made/built with Acryl, EVA foam, Worbla, Wonderflex or Cardboard
4. Larger Than Life type
The costume that covers entire part of the body, with extended leg & arm parts(or specific parts of costume) that are at least 30cm long.



Cosplay and Photographer
from Ukraine


C2E2 Crown Championship of Cosplay 2019 Korean Champion


[A specialist in stage costume making]

Participate in more than 500 
works in 28 years, including Marie 
Antoinette and The Wicked


[Musical costume designer]

Designers who made various 
musical costumes such as
Anna Karenina and Annie.

Winner Benefit

First Place (1 Person)

- 2,000,000-won prize award for 1st place

-  Automatic entry into the Crown Championships of Cosplay finals at C2E2 2020 (held in Chicago, USA) as representative cosplayer of Korea.

- 2 x VIP Tickets for C2E2 2020

- 2 x economy round trip tickets from Korea to USA to attend C2E2 2020

- Hotel (twin bed) for two nights in Chicago for C2E2 2020

- Meal allowance and transportation are covered for C2E2 2020

- Automatic qualification of becoming one of the judges for Korea Championships of Cosplay 2020.

- 2 x 3 Days tickets for CCS 2020
- Certificate & First Place Champion medal

Second Place (1 Person)

- 1,000,000-won prize award for 2nd place

- 2 x 3 Days tickets for CCS 2020

- Certificate & Second Place medal

Third Place (1 Person)

- 500,000-won prize award for 3rd place

- 2 x 3 Days tickets for CCS 2020

- Certificate & Third Place medal

Special Category Prize (4 People) 

- 2 x 3 Days tickets for CCS 2020

- Certificate & medals


K Webtoon Award (2 Winners)

Two winners will be decided among cosplayers who cosplay with a self-made costume of a character from a Korean webtoon (The character has to be from a webtoon that was published/created by a Korean author)



- 1,000,000 KRW

- Tickets to Comic Con Paris (10/25~27, 2019) and Comic Con Tokyo (11/22~24, 2019)

- Be the K Webtoon cosplayer model at the CCP 2019 and CCT 2019 Korean Creative Content Agency’s booth

- Two round-trip economy ticket for trips to CCP and CCT 2019

- 5-day twin room reservations at hotels for CCP and CCT 2019

- Coverage of food and travel expenses for CCP and CCT 2019

- Two 3-day passes to Comic Con Seoul 2020

- A Certification of award and a medal


* One (1) special winner out of each category (Needlework, FX, Armor and Larger Than Life). The winners from 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will not be included

* If additional prizes are created by the CCS’s sponsors or exhibitors, more details will be announced later.

* If you have been accused of having problems with the originality and craftsmanship of your costumes in the past (from KCC 2017 or/and 2018), you will be excluded from KCC 2019’s shortlist. Organizer and Judge can disqualify the participants immediately and the participant will be charged to take all accountability on consequences.

* The number of winners and the countries of visit may be changed according to the decisions made by the Korean Creative Content Agency.

* Winners of the K Webtoon award will be ineligible for any other awards (first place, second place, third place and special category prize).

KCC History

[ 2017 Winner ]


Dong-Hyun- Kim

Iron Man Cosplay



Diablo Cosplay


Rizky Octavianus

Kiba Dark Knight Cosplay

[ 2018 Winner ]



Zagara Cosplay



Fiddlesticks Cosplay


Kim Liho

Sylvanas Windrunner Cosplay

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