You can participate in the cosplay parade, walking together inside and outside of COEX!

Let’s take best pictures of your own or with your friends, lovers and family!

Many Guests related to movie, game and various culture genres, you can meet them in real!

Free play zone, competing with global players!

You will have opportunities to get autographs or take pictures with celebrities!

Meet up and interact with all kinds of artists in Comic Con Seoul! 

Enjoy Artist Alley where you can see various pieces of artworks by current artists! 

Please come to the stages where you can meet popular creators currently leading Korea pop cultures!

The ultimate way of enjoying cultural life! We’ve prepared everything for you to celebrate your luxurious consumption life as well as pick the best present for your kids! !

Where you can watch the series of free movies or dramas with provided headset, Come to cozy & safe Silent Cinema!

You can test your level of geek-ness during this session, let’s join! 

Global audition for the top geeks from various culture genres to participate & test their levels. Let’s be the one!

It’s a karaoke song festival where all friends and members of family can participate and sing together! You can be anonymous with character masks!